The Misfits Guide to the Music Industry

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The Misfits Guide to the Music Industry

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Without the proper information, skill set, and mindset this industry is more treacherous than ever. Major labels, radio stations, and media companies have a system in place. They have an infrastructure, quality control, and resources to protect their investments. Now it is our responsibility to be knowledgeable about every aspect of the business. Failure to educate yourself can be the end of the game before you even get started. That's why we are here.

I have over 20 years of war stories and experience we plan to share with you, the artist-entrepreneur. We want to help develop you. We will share information that can save you YEARS of frustration. We will provide resources and answers to questions that artists desperately need even if they are unaware they exist. Why? Because that little kid that started making music in my father's basement still loves it. The wisdom I've gained has shown me there is value in knowledge. We will share and build together.

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