Why am I doing this?

Hello world, I am Everett James. In 2000, I started Electronika Studios here in Atlanta, Georgia and launched 735 Music Publishing with the intent of creating an asset that would create independent wealth for my family. I started making music because I love music so much I wanted to do it FOREVER. When I was introduced to the industry way back in the 90’s we were making music in my fathers basement for fun. It was a way to express myself so I went in to the business idealistic with no references, no coaches, and no resources. Needless to say, I experienced my first burn out before the age of 21. I learned early the importance of ownership, independence, and education.

The game changed when the music met the business. There was tremendous value in it. The money, clout, and technology around the industry consumed me. That idealistic kid was quickly whipped into a world that was so far from the feeling I got when I started. There was only one way to learn and that was to go through it. I realized very quickly I was different. A misfit. I had to find my own way.

As technology advanced and times changed, the independent musician actually had a shot at disrupting the Goliath that was the “industry”. We began to see young entrepreneurs creating wealth, evolving culture, and inspiring people globally through music like never before. The monopoly music and media companies held were being brought to their knees. For the first time, a kid could build an asset that could produce income for generations without “selling out”. However there is still one major obstacle.


This is the information age. Without the proper information, skill set, and mindset, this industry is more treacherous than ever. Major labels, radio stations, and media companies had a system in place. They had an infrastructure, quality control, and resources to protect their investments. Now it is the artists responsibility to be knowledgeable about every aspect of the business. Failure to educate yourself can be the end of the game before you even get started. That’s why we are here.


I have over 20 years of war stories and experience we plan to share with you, the artist entrepreneur. We want to help develop you. We will share information that can save you YEARS of frustration. We will provide resources and real time answers to questions that artists desperately need even if they are unaware they exist. Why? Because that little kid that started making music in my father’s basement still loves it. The wisdom I’ve gained has shown me there is value in knowledge. We will share and build together.


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We are the FUTURE!!!

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